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Meet Alfred, the new intelligent scaling service

Time for another of our guest posts. This time we asked the team at DSB Consulting to describe what Alfred, the one-of-a-kind new service for media companies, is. Read more about Alfred, the DevOps butler, and learn how it works together with the Vidispine API.

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What Will 2016 Look Like to the Historians of the File-Based Revolution?

We had the fortune of using Steve Sharman as a sounding board for our 2016 prediction blog post. We were so happy talking to him that we asked him to write his own guest blog post on the state and future of file-based content workflows. Here it is, Steve’s answer to what 2016 will look like to the historians of the file-based revolution?

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The Six Easiest Predictions About Video In 2016

Looking through the lenses of consumer adoption, content availability and technology, thinking that audience + content + tech = success, here are my predictions for the video landscape in 2016. They are based on conversations with colleagues, partners and customers, a large amount of reading and even more coffee.

Shoppable Video to Improve Automatic Video Storytelling

Shoppable video is probably here to stay and we will see a lot of creativity in this area as creators discover what technology can help them with. More automaticity, and far better user experiences are definitely on the table, and a gold mine of data as feedback.

Content Curation – Next Innovation Cycle Will be Interesting

With the ever increasing amount of content, curation is needed, else the content will be lost, and never seen by the intended audience. Today curation (for video) is done manually in most cases, but with better algorithms, it can also be automated, like what is already done for text content. We take a look at what is needed to make this happen in video and where the road ahead might lead us.

Stuff we liked Week of Oct 19th

This week we talked about 360 video, yes, we saw the Star Wars video, but this time it was the math behind it that caught our eye. We also kept on pondering automatic video storytelling, and one alternative, and lastly we saw some researchers taking human facial re-enactment one step further. This week have less to talk about, because we worked hard to build an exciting new release for you all.

Week of Oct 12 Highlights

We are happy to whip up a sweet Friday dessert for you. This week we look into video codecs and ABR, wait with anticipation for Adobe’s new prototyping tool, find some OSS face recognition and again start editing our movies on the mobile while finishing them on the desktop.

Illustration to highlights with table of mixed food.

Week of Oct 5 highlights

This week we are amazed by Disney Research and how they bring coloring books to life, looks at how AWS dwarfs its competitors, have Eskil hack the new monitors, finds a new lossless image format, get inspired by API hacks, and read an article on video asset management with our friends from Cantemo. All in all, a mixed plate of goodies.

A few things from IBC 2015

Did you go to IBC2015? We did! We talked about video storytelling, content anywhere, video in the cloud, deploying Vidispine on AWS and Microsoft Azure and how to use VidiXplore to share large digital media files better. We had a great time. This is some tidbits from our time there.

Automated Tools for Video Search and Metadata Harvesting

An increasing amount of video is produced every day. Most of that video will be seen once, and then forgotten, even though the content may be valuable. Automated tools to find video will be an important part of the future media landscape. This week I read two interesting news on video discovery automation.

Interacting with Video Content

Even as video is more and more used in advertising, education, etc, it’s not that simple to make it an interactive experience, except maybe for clickable spots in the video that leads to new pages, thus breaking the experience.