Vidispine - Hybrid Cloud API-based Video Content Management

Vidispine 4.8 is out on AWS Marketplace

We have updated AWS Marketplace with the new Vidispine 4.8 version. Starting a new Vidispine instance through AWS Marketplace will give you access to advanced Aspera integration, 8K RED support, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and of course improvements and bug fixes.

Video player image - it's not rocket science

Learn More About ITV Phoenix at BVE2017

Vidispine co-sponsors NMR’s attendance at BVE2017, taking place next week Feb 28 – Mar 2. Come and learn about Phoenix, ITV’s on-air promo campaign media asset management system.

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Proud to Support Django Girls Umeå

We think it is important to encourage and show beginners, and non-programmers, that computer programming is not that hard. Understanding of software is important, and will be even more important in the future as software eats the world. One way is through workshops like Django Girls, focusing on inspiring women to start programming.

Vidispine 4.7 Now Out on AWS and Azure Marketplace

We’re out with Vidispine 4.7 on the official repo, in the support portal together with the .NET SDK, and of course on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. There are of course new features, e.g., support for IMF, and a new and shiny command line tool. We are working hard to make your products better and life easier.


VidiXplore, Now With Permissions on Items and Collections

VidiXplore, your mission control for all your digital files, just got updated with user and group permissions. This new functionality will allow you to set access and editing permissions on your Items and Collections for named user accounts.

Vidispine 4.7 Sneak Preview IMF Import New DescriptorComponent

Sneak Preview – IMF Import Support Coming Up in Vidispine 4.7

We are continuously improving the support for codecs and formats. Coming in Vidispine 4.7 is support for IMF Import, the Interoperable Master Format from SMPTE, now used by among others Netflix. We support import of IMF with a new component, the DescriptorComponent.

Vidispine at IBC2016 IBCShow

What Was Up at IBC 2016 With Vidispine

This year’s IBC was about running professional video solutions in the cloud, as well a serious amount of VR and metadata. We came, we talked and now we’re going home to create the future. Check out what we show-cased at IBC.

ObjectMatrix MatrixStore with VidisXplore Overview v1.0

New VidiXplore Labs Nugget – Integration to MatrixStore

In our last pre-IBC 2016 blog post Erik share a VidiXplore Labs nugget with you. Yes, Object Matrix MatrixStore is soon coming to a VidiXplore near you. Read more below, but above all, go visit Object Matrix in stand 6.C28, and Vidispine in 5.C80 and ask away.

Vidispine supports CloudConvert

Vidispine 4.6 Released and Available on AWS and Azure

Vidispine 4.6 is out and available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, in the official Vidispine repository, and on the Support Portal. Vidispine 4.6 comes with improvements to the VSA, faster and more efficient image sequence handling, CloudConvert support and more.

VidiXplore v11 Custom Metadata

New and Improved Version of VidiXplore Out Now

Summer time is improvement time. The VidiXplore product team have spent the last six months listening to you, prototyping, and then finally turning learnings into improvements to help you solve your problems faster. Besides some new features, we have also tweaked the user interface in many areas.

46 Sneak Preview VSA With Multiple VS

Sneak Preview – We Give You More Fantastic VSA Configurations

Well yes, it’s time for some pre middle ages holidays in Sweden. While we sing silly songs and having a blast, you get to read our final sneak preview of Vidispine 4.6 before release (also having a blast). This time you will get more goodies around VSA in a Vidispine clustered configuration.

image sequence sneak preview xml example

Sneak Preview: More Efficient Image Sequence Handling

Another sneak preview before the release of Vidispine 4.6. It might be the last before release, but keep your eyes open for another one to be sure. Vidispine 4.6 contains an important database schema change when it comes to handling image sequences. The result is much better efficiency and smaller database.