Result from running the .NET app against Vidispine API

Three Simple Methods to Invoke the Vidispine API From .NET Code

Binagora is on fire and returns with another guest post. We know we have a bunch of developers on .NET, therefore we created a .NET SDK. This post shows how you can invoke the Vidispine API from .NET, using the SDK or using standard .NET classes. All with example code.

Two Ways to Use Caching to Improve Performance With Vidispine

To make sure your media system does not run into performance issues as your user base grows, you should set up caching. In a Vidispine based system it is straightforward to add caching for serving media files. This post shows how you can use nginx or Varnish to cache posters and thumbnails, and Amazon CloudFront to for video files.

4.6 read-only Vidispine illustration

Sneak Preview: Improve Performance Using a Read-only Instance

Besides clustering for high availability, we are also working on supporting clustering to improve performance. Vidispine 4.6 will support setting up read-only instances, possibly connected to asynchronous database read replicas or database snapshots, to expose a read-only API.

Quantum Lattus with Vidispine Overview

Meet Our Friends From Quantum at NAB2016

Today we have a post from Quantum and what they are up to at NAB. We are of course happy to a part of one of their demos, showing how you can streamline your delivery workflow, directly from Quantum Lattus using Vidispine.

Spectra BlackPearl + Vidispine illustration

Meet Our Friends from Spectra Logic at NAB2016

We’re closing in on NAB, and it’s time to hear from another one of our friends. Let me present SpectraLogic, experts on digital archiving solution. With SpectraLogic BlackPearl and Vidispine you can view your archive in the cloud.

Meet Our Friends from Cantemo at NAB2016

Today for you pre-NAB pleasure we want to introduce our partner Cantemo. They are just out with Cantemo Portal 2.3, based on the Vidispine API, and new integrations between Portal and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Read it, and watch the video.

Crucible Search Results Screenshot

Meet Our Friends From 1303 Systems at NAB2016

Today’s blog post on NAB is from our friends at 1303 Systems, telling us about Crucible MAM. Crucible MAMis designed by an eclectic team of developers and creatives to bring you the tools you need to tell the stories you want. It is a powerful tool straight out of the box.

Alfred Dashboard Screenshot

Meet Alfred, the new intelligent scaling service

Time for another of our guest posts. This time we asked the team at DSB Consulting to describe what Alfred, the one-of-a-kind new service for media companies, is. Read more about Alfred, the DevOps butler, and learn how it works together with the Vidispine API.

dynamic cropping illustration

How to do Cropping and Scaling Using Javascript

The Vidispine transcoder first crops, then rotates, then scales. This post is about how to use Javascript and some equations to emulate doing scaling before cropping. Brush up on your math skills and dive right in.

Pixar Animation Studios Illustration

What Will 2016 Look Like to the Historians of the File-Based Revolution?

We had the fortune of using Steve Sharman as a sounding board for our 2016 prediction blog post. We were so happy talking to him that we asked him to write his own guest blog post on the state and future of file-based content workflows. Here it is, Steve’s answer to what 2016 will look like to the historians of the file-based revolution?

howto featured

How to migrate your Vidispine MySQL to PostgreSQL

We have seen that the existing MySQL to PostgreSQL conversation tools you can find are not always 100% successful. To make sure that your Vidispine database is successfully converted read this post on how to migrate your existing Vidispine MySQL database to PostgreSQL.

Version 4.5

Vidispine 4.5 Released – Read About All the Goodies Here

Vidispine 4.5 is here for you now! We bring you VSA support for both S3 compatible storages and Spectra Logic BlackPearl, increased performance with content paths, a beta of our new feature Export Templates, and many improvements. You can spin it up on AWS Marketplace as we speak. Read more about all the goodies in Vidispine 4.5 below.

Mood image emotion recognition

The Six Easiest Predictions About Video In 2016

Looking through the lenses of consumer adoption, content availability and technology, thinking that audience + content + tech = success, here are my predictions for the video landscape in 2016. They are based on conversations with colleagues, partners and customers, a large amount of reading and even more coffee.